Shane Castro’s

Business Development Manager – Florida


Shane was born and raised in Lakeland FL. He attended and graduated Polk State College where he studied business administration. During college, Shane began his career in the automotive industry. After multiple years managing an auto parts store as the assistant manager, Shane began his career in automotive sales. Shane was able to excel in sales, launching him into a Business Manager position. Shane attended JM&A business management academy where he learned the legal and ethical standard of contractual agreements. After Shane demonstrated his understanding of finance and contractual agreements, he was then promoted to Sales Manager of a new car franchise. While working as a Sales Manager, Shane met the owner of ESS Lewis Collier. Shane began his tenure as a Business Development Manager with ESS on February 03, 2020, to help develop and maintain the East Coast clientele base. Shane prides himself on honesty, integrity, and safety to better service his clients.