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What is structural rehabilitation versus corrosion protection?

  • Structural rehabilitation involves an asset that is either partially or fully deteriorated from H2S corrosion, hydrostatic loading, or both. This type of rehabilitation requires a technology than can act as a standalone solution, i.e., not relying on the underlying structure to maintain its own structural integrity. True structural rehabilitation provides both structural integrity and corrosion protection.
  • Corrosion protection is just what it sounds like it is. The process involves either proactively protecting new assets, or revitalizing assets that remain structurally sound but have experienced some surface deterioration. 
  • Detailed specifications matter. There are certain projects involving multiple assets, in which some structures require a structural solution, and others only need a protective corrosion barrier. In such cases, we highly recommend that the project specification be broken out into structural and corrosion protection sections. This ensures that proper solutions are proposed to the asset owner, saving money and time when only truly needed solutions are applied.

How does the cost of structural rehabilitation compare to traditional remove-and-replace solutions to failing infrastructure?

Typically, structural rehabilitation is 25-30% of the cost of traditional, open-cut rehabilitation methods. Consult with our experienced design engineers about your unique asset and situation. We are happy to provide free consultations, including a visual inspection and project proposal, to make sure your project gets the appropriate solution and you get desired results.

Can your Spraywall product stand up to H2S, and can it stop I/I issues?

Spraywall is a fully structural product that does not depend on the integrity of its host pipe, wall or container. It employs those structures as a shaping form only. The internal wall, pipe or container formed of the Spraywall is wholly separate, creating essentially a brand new structure of its own. So even if I/I can’t be fully stopped coming into the old structure, it’s not a problem. The new structure basically just ignores the intrusion and provides fully closed structural integrity of its own, which is irrelevant to the existing I/I. You may choose to stop the I/I first—and we certainly have products and techniques to help you do so—then create the new Spraywall structure, but it’s not always necessary. This creates a flexibility of application that you don’t find with any other product. And Spraywall is 100% impervious to H2S: Again, the product simply renders it irrelevant.

How fast can you return our asset to service after completing structural lining?

Note that return to service for SprayWall is 30-45 minutes on average. So by the time our trucks roll off the worksite, you can have your asset back in service, all without having had to rip up the surface and disrupt traffic. That’s why so many asset owners have chosen our trenchless solutions over cheaper methods: because there is a very real social and economic cost to traffic disruption and re-routing, and to solutions that require days, weeks, even months to return assets to their intended function. 

If we hire you to rehab our manhole verticals, can you also take care of the troughs while you’re on site?

Absolutely. Again, the fast curing time of our Spraywall structural liner enables us to easily drop down and line the troughs too, in the same outing: No having to come back and open the whole thing up again. No opening up a separate job ticket and having to bid it all out again. It’s a matter of minutes, not days, to add that task to our work process, again allowing our legendary fast return-to-service, and the peace of mind of knowing the whole job is done and won’t require revisiting any time soon.

Your product and service is not usually competitively priced with the rest of our bidders. Why should we use you, and how can we justify that as good budget stewardship?

You should use ESS because our products work, unequivocally. And, though front-loaded in terms of cost, our process and products’ higher price point is very rapidly justified by 

  • Product Performance And Longevity
  • Lack Of Surface Disruption 
  • Uncommonly Quick Asset Return-To-Service. 

If bid language is a hanging point, we can help design your bid language to allow for advanced engineered spray technologies like those we use.


Why is your solution so expensive, compared to the more traditional dig-and-replace, or other trenchless infrastructure rehabilitation solutions?

Because you get what you pay for. The materials we use in our spray-on liners are highly engineered and constantly tested and improved for performance, longevity and versatility. Some are engineered for highly specialized usage, but when you need them, they are exactly what you need; no having to fudge specifications or make a square peg fit a round hole. And they all carry industry-leading performance. 

Also, when you contract for our services, you’re not just getting some yahoo off the street in a Tyvek suit; you’re getting highly trained, manufacturer-certified installers who understand the importance of proper surface preparation, the chemistry of our lining materials, and the best way to apply them.

At the management level, you’re guided from the inspection, planning and design stages through final application and return to service by veteran engineers who consult with all stakeholders every step of the way. Under their guidance, you never have to worry about making missteps that cost time, money and credibility.

Best of all, we’re reliable. Our crews show up when we say they will, and barring things beyond our control (such as hurricanes), we finish our work when you expect us to, because we’re well-staffed enough to keep our word. This all adds up to peace of mind, knowing you’ve chosen wisely for the preservation of your existing assets, and protection of the present and future of your infrastructure.

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