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Our belief about every project is that you know your systems and your situation, and we know our products and services. The secret to successfully putting our two organizations together is mutual respect for that knowledge and experience. So our approach is a consultative one. First we seek to understand through deep listening and learning about your unique challenges and experiences with your infrastructure assets. Then we discuss, then we make recommendations. At that point, all stakeholders and decision makers—the general contractor, the engineer, the end user—come together to choose the best course. In this process, we become a trusted partner and that prides itself on safety, quality and continuous improvement.


Initial Inspection and Testing

Our veteran staff has completed thousands of inspections on assets and sites just like yours. We help you notice and understand the real issues.



Upon completion of our inspection, we will assess the full scope of infrastructure deterioration or corrosion, and provide you a complete analysis.



With the analysis complete, we sit down with you to discuss your options, as well as our recommendations for action to take.


Rehabilitation & Remediation

A detailed plan for infrastructure rehabilitation or corrosion protection will be determined based on many factors, including condition severity, and executed.


Post-Project Testing

No infrastructure or water quality work is finished until the rehabilitation or remediation has been tested, to meet our industry-leading quality standards.


Site Cleanup

Our site work is truly completed when any mess is cleaned up or disturbance is mitigated, and system operation or water asset returns to normal.



We never just “work and run.” Following our careful installation, we follow up with you to verify that your infrastructure rehabilitation needs are being met, and that our project applications are performing as expected. As a trusted partner in your success, we want to continue to work with you to plan for future infrastructure rehabilitation needs, and ensure you get the most out of your O&M budget.



ESS has developed extensive industry partnerships with manufacturers and other installers that allow us to live up to our identity as an effective solutions provider. We may not always be the direct provider, but we are a trusted advisor working with your best interest in mind. We deliver options you need, even if that includes contacts for others who may be a better fit for your given situation. Remember, there are no “silver bullet” solutions…only those best suited to your needs. And only a service provider with such broad and deep industry connections can offer the range of solutions to choose from that ensure you’ll get the best one for your situation.

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Funding

Along with providing our industry-leading structural and protective lining technology, Sprayroq’s holding company, Signet, offers a team of experts at partnering with public entities such as municipalities, government agencies, universities, and healthcare providers on privately developed real estate projects. This means that even if your current budget doesn’t allow it, you may still be able to contract our infrastructure rehabilitation or water quality remediation services.

Our comprehensive P3 development team’s experience includes providing

  • Innovative development
  • Trusted finance, and
  • Clever ownership structures

to our public clients, which minimize development and finance risks. They help us excel in delivering successful projects that further the mission of various institutions or municipalities and the communities they serve.

P3 Finance Benefits

  • Limiting or Eliminating the Need for Direct Capital Investment
  • Preserving Debt Capacity and Operating Cash
  • Creating Off-Balance Sheet Structures
  • Maintaining Land Ownership and Project Control
  • Removing Development and Construction Risk
  • Benefiting from Project Cash Flows

Our veteran P3 expertise includes many types of projects that may cover your current needs.

Find out if your potential rehabilitation or remediation project qualifies for P3 funding.

Safety and Certifications

Because we often work in potentially dangerous environments and with materials that could be hazardous, safety is critical. A lot of companies talk safety, but their safety meetings are really just tokens, and they do the absolute minimum required with PPE and safety equipment.

The way we go about safeguarding our crews is different. We take safety as seriously as any of the services we provide. We value our employees as people and as business assets. We invest a great deal of time in their training and skills, and don’t want to lose them to injury or worse. So, as a company, we take our daily operations to the safest level possible, through

  • Thorough training on equipment operation, materials handling and site conduct
  • Regular refresher courses from certified trainers
  • The best PPE and safety equipment available.

Sprayroq™ requires its Certified Partner applicators to be confined space trained by a qualified trainer. And although their products are environmentally friendly, they can be hazardous to people in the immediate area during a spray application. All our spray technicians are required to attend Sprayroq™ Boot Camp, where they learn the proper protective equipment required during their applicator duties. This equipment includes a full air mask supplied with fresh air, not organic cartridge filters. Our applicators must wear Tyvek suits, safe rubberized gloves, and shoe covers, and are taught how to prevent any material from contacting their bodies through breaks in clothing coverage at their neckline, wrists or ankles.

Engineered Corrosion Protection

While our structural rehabilitation is our most popular service, we offer industry-leading corrosion protection solutions for new and existing assets as well. Our personnel are trained on these technologies and our partnerships with multiple technology manufacturers allows us to extend truly customized solutions designed for your unique challenges and desired outcomes.

Ask for a representative to give you our full safety presentation, including documentation of our training and practices.