St. John’s County WWTP Headworks Corrosion Protection

Project Name: St. John’s County Headworks

Client: St. John’s County

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Time Project Took to Complete: 3 days

Technologies Utilized: Induron Mortarchem and Ceramasafe 90 Epoxy


The asset owner had recently constructed a new wastewater treatment plant facility and had a headworks structure where they wanted to provide corrosion protection to the new concrete substrate. The structure was 4 feet wide by 20 feet long. The owner needed to get the project completed to keep their facility on track to reach full operation.


Engineered Spray Solutions went to work to prepare the structure for the coating system and help the owner achieve their goal of proactive protection for their new asset. Mortarchem by Induron Protective Coatings was utilized to resurface the concrete especially in areas where bugholes and indentions were present. A 30-mil application of Ceramasafe 90 by Induron was utilized as the topcoat layer. The biggest challenge was working in a small space which didn’t allow for a large range of motion. Additionally, heat and rain were challenges to overcome due to this being an open-air structure. The application was successfully completed over a 3-day period followed by a 7-day window for full cure of the coating material prior to immersion service.


Proactive protection of the tank asset was achieved saving the owner thousands of dollars in corrosion mitigation costs. Following the application, the owner and engineer of record on the project both gave ESS high marks for the quality, expediency, and accuracy of the work. Furthermore, 6 months after the application an inspection was performed on the coating system, and it passed with flying colors.