Sarasota Work Assignment

Project Name: Sarasota County Capital Projects

Location: Sarasota, FL

Technologies Used: SprayWall® Structural Spray-Applied Liner

Time to complete: Approximately 75 days.


34 manholes of various depths all at or near a fully deteriorated condition requiring a proven, structural solution. The asset owner was facing the possibility of having to invest an exorbitant amount of money to remove and replace these assets. From major leaks from infiltration to high levels of H2S corrosion, these structures were in dire condition.


As a turnkey solutions provider, Engineered Spray Solutions coordinated both the MOT and Bypass pumping for this capital project. It was quite a challenging undertaking as the manholes required a monolithic lining, which included lining the inverts of each structure. The project also included ring and cover replacements for each manhole. Lastly, a 50-year design protocol was used to create a customized lining thickness design for each structure.


The project was completed in approximately 75 days, saving the owner nearly 12 months of construction time, thereby minimizing return-to-service time and disruption to the area. The successful application saved the asset owner $569,844.