Orlando Lift Station Basin 2/Sub-Basin 1 Manhole Rehabilitation

Project Name: The City of Orlando Wastewater
Location: Orlando, FL
Technologies Used: SprayWall® Structural Spray-Applied Liner
Time to complete: 4 months


580 severely deteriorated manholes with a brick substrate were experiencing severe surface loss and incredible amounts of infiltration. This created a situation where the city was experiencing extended lift station run times leading to increased power and treatment costs.


A turnkey solution was necessary for this project and involved partnering with an engineering firm and the city to conduct inspections to prioritize the worst structures. The scope of work included intense surface preparation to rebuild and resurface the existing substrate, stop active infiltration, coordinate MOT and Bypass services as well as apply a 250-mil structural liner to each manhole.


As a result of the successful manhole rehabilitation, the city saved $1.5 million in costs compared to open cut methods of rehabilitation as well as nearly 2 years of construction time. The city’s confidence in ESS’ turnkey solutions grew and is evident by the work still being done to this day by our crews.