Orlando Iron Bridge Pipe Structure

Project Name: Iron Bridge Pipe Structure Rehabilitation

Client: City of Orlando

Location: Orlando, FL

Time Project Took to Complete: 10 days

Technologies Utilized: Masteroc 355 1-K Chemical Grout, Euclid V-100 Polymer Cement, SprayWall


The City of Maitland had twin 48” diameter concrete cylinder pipes feeding their main lift station that were severely deteriorated due to H2S corrosion and some active infiltration. The metal mesh around the circumference of the pipe was exposed in many places and the crown of the pipe was also deteriorating.


Engineered Spray Solutions gained access through an open-air pit next to the twin pipe structures and performed an evaluation of each pipe which was 100 feet long. Utilizing Masteroc 355-1K to stop active infiltration, Euclid V-100 for resurfacing and rebuilding the pipe crown, invert and sides of the pipe, and 250 mils of SprayWall, both pipes were fully restored. The crew battled adverse weather conditions during the project and persevered providing a successful application for the city.


The city saved $300,000-$400,000 in capital costs and an enormous amount of construction time with the successful completion of the project. In addition, the application passed rigorous inspection by the public works director and plant engineer.