New Tennessee Lift Station Gets Long-Awaited Corrosion Barrier

Project Name: Lexington, TN New Lift Station

Client: Marbury Construction

Location: Lexington, TN

Time Project Took to Complete: 2 days

Technologies Utilized: Euclid V-100, SprayWall


New 8ft in diameter by 15 ft deep LS was to be lined with a corrosion barrier per the Engineers Specifications and the General Contractor couldn’t get anyone to respond to complete the project and a period of 6 months had passed. The GC was faced with a dire situation and the clock was ticking. The structure had to be put into full service quickly as time had almost expired and corrosion protection was desperately needed to protect the investment made for the new asset.


Upon establishing an agreed upon scope of work, ESS mobilized quickly. A 5,000-psi power wash was utilized to clean the concrete substrate followed by Euclid V-100 to properly profile the surface and address the bug holes that were present in the new concrete. Finally, 150 mils of SprayWall structural polyurethane were applied to the structure to provide a long-lasting corrosion barrier for the newly constructed lift station.


The asset owner and general contractor were elated at the responsiveness and quality of workmanship provided by ESS. The completion of the lining system allowed the owner to get the much-needed structure into service fully now thereby providing a new and now protected vital wastewater asset to the local community.