Master Lift Station #7 Reedy Creek Environmental Services

Project Name: Reedy Creek Environmental Services
Client: Reedy Creek Improvement District
Location: Orlando, FL
Time to Complete:  12 days
Technologies Used: SprayWall® Structural Spray-Applied Liner


Master Lift Station #7, 28′ long x 4′ wide x 32′ deep with an estimated 2,272 square feet, had badly deteriorated walls from H2S and was no longer structurally sound. Safety and scheduling challenges made the degree of difficulty of this project immense.


ESS worked with other contractor partners to set up scaffolding inside the lift station as well as bypass equipment. Abrasive blasting to remove the existing epoxy liner was completed along with a comprehensive cleaning and removal of blast media. This was followed by application of the SprayWall lining system at 150 mils and subsequent successful spark test, which provided the asset owner with a monolithic, pinhole-free liner for their incredibly large lift station asset.


The Master lift station was returned to service in 12 days with no service disruptions. Originally, the work time was contracted for 28 days, but due to the expense of the bypass, ESS was challenged to complete the project in half the time. ESS completed the project on time and within budget. The asset owner was elated with the quick return to service of the SprayWall lining system.