Lift Station Basin 206 Manhole Rehabilitation

Project Name: The City of Orlando Wastewater
Location: Orlando, FL
Technologies Used: SprayWall® Structural Spray-Applied Liner
Time to complete: 60 days to complete the project


Asset owner was facing long pump station run times due to I&I issues where more water was entering the system than it was designed for originally. This led to capacity issues, strain on the pump system as well as overall treatment costs.


Manhole structures were cleaned and inspected to target the precise locations of infiltration. Chemical grout injection was used to seal the leaks in various locations throughout each structure. 250 mils of SprayWall was applied to stop the infiltration permanently and restore structural integrity to the affected assets.


The successful completion of the project provided the owner with decreased pump station run times, complete mitigation of infiltration into the manholes and asset life extension for the affected structures. The project was completed over a 60-day period which saved the owner approximately 6-8 months of construction time and $437,000.