Grasslands Basin lift station and manhole rehabilitation

Client: City of Lakeland Wastewater
Location: Lakeland, FL
Technologies Used: SprayWall® Structural Spray-Applied Liner
Time to complete: Approximately 45 days


The city was facing imminent failure of both a lift station and manhole asset. The structures, both fully deteriorated, were in a private, upscale community where remove and replace was not an option.


The solution required comprehensive concrete substrate rebuilding and resurfacing including rebuilding the bench area in the manhole structure near the lift station. In addition, Engineered Spray Solutions (ESS) took on the coordination of MOT and Bypass services for the project, which can create issues if not properly managed. Both aspects were diligently managed by the ESS team. A fully customized lining thickness application was performed and a successful structural rehabilitation of both assets took place.


The results provided immense savings for the capital expenditure budget of the city and the overall cost of the project was 60-70% less than open cut rehabilitation. Furthermore, the city experienced ongoing savings through the mitigation of infiltration issues they were experiencing thereby reducing their treatment costs. Both structures (the lift station and manhole) were completed inside a 45-day window with no disruption to the community.