Conserve I Aeration Basin Tank Crack Repair

Project Name: Conserve I Aeration Basin Tank

Client: City of Orlando

Location: Orlando, FL

Time Project Took to Complete: 45 days

Technologies Utilized: Euclid V-100 and Masteroc 355-1K


A concrete aeration basin tank had developed leaks in the wall around the entire structure. This created the potential for a failure to occur which would have released raw sewage onto surrounding ground areas. The tank was great in size, measuring 300 feet long by 70 feet wide by 70 feet high. All in all, there were approximately 500 linear feet of crack repair necessary.


Engineered Spray Solutions partnered with the city to create a blueprint of how to solve the enormous issue.  This included the development of a systematic approach to repairing the cracks throughout the structure. Together the city and ESS created benchmarks to keep the work focused and efficient to complete the project in a timely manner. A 3-person crew performed the work and used mobile scaffolding to address the defects safely and efficiently across the entire tank. The leaks were successfully stopped utilizing chemical grout injection with Masteroc 355-1K followed by repair of the cement substrate with Euclid V-100. All leaks were successfully stopped, and the substrate was restored to a sound condition.


The asset life of the tank was extended saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots of stress by ensuring that the raw sewage was contained. The asset owner gained peace of mind knowing the issue had been successfully resolved. Due to the good work of the ESS crew, the city is exploring opportunities to work with ESS on similar projects to restore additional concrete substrates at their facilities.