Athens TSC MH

Project Name: Athens TSC MH

Client: Athens Utility Board (AUB)

Location: Athens TN

Time Project Took to Complete: 4 Hours

Technologies Utilized: Euclid V-100 and SprayWall


The City of Athens, Tennessee had a manhole in fully deteriorated condition that was in dire need of a structural rehabilitation to prevent the asset from failing. H2S corrosion had caused 2 inches of surface loss and portions of the barrel were starting to fall off and flow down the invert.


The structure was cleaned utilizing a 5,000-psi power wash, followed by complete removal of all debris from the manhole. The surface was inspected, and Euclid V-100 was utilized to repair the substrate inside the manhole and restore the proper surface profile prior to lining application. Given the depth and location of the manhole, the application design called for 250 mils of SprayWall. Once the lining application was complete and passed a holiday spark test, the structure was returned to service within 45 minutes, providing the city with a same-day structural solution.


A long-term solution was provided to the asset owner utilizing a 50-year design protocol and saving them months of construction time and 60% of the cost of open cut rehabilitation.