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WWTP Performance Optimization / Surface Water Remediation

Solutions for all-natural, sustainable wastewater treatment plant and collections system optimization, and remediating/mitigation of surface water toxification

What if we told you that your wastewater treatment plant activated sludge process could be optimized for results, without adding a single extra chemical or inorganic substance, all while incurring no additional CAPEX or OPEX?

Energy and Operations Cost Savings

  • Up to 65% energy reduction for aeration operation
  • 40-80% reduction in treatment operational expenses

And what if that same process could also be used to sustainably remediate Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB) and resulting cyanotoxins in water bodies, while improving ecosystem quality of life with the only turnkey, autonomous system for long-term, natural, biological treatment of HAB?

Well, it’s true. Our new Engineered Sustainable Solutions division is now an official licensee of EnBiorganic Technologies’ patent-pending EBS-Di water quality remediation system. The EBS-Di unit automatically dispenses a specific microbiology, formulated for a particular site. Trained to feed off certain bacteria in a wastewater treatment plant or a waterway, the microbes are released back into the water and outcompete harmful bacteria for nutrients, ultimately starving it out.

The cultured, naturally occurring bacillus soil bacteria work to restore the lake or pond to its natural healthy state by reducing the nutrient overload that causes HAB. Similarly, it will return balance to over-nutrified WWTP flows, reducing energy input for aeration while virtually eliminating final residual biosolids. This allows far more effective dewatering.

If you have been experiencing

  • Odor Issues
  • High Sludge Management Costs
  • H2S Damage
  • Problems Related to FOG
  • Plant Capacity or Permit Limits
  • Fines or Compliance Challenges
  • Rising Energy Costs

Treatment Plant Advantages

  • 100% odor removal
  • surcharge reductions
  • Sludge Reduction 80-100% throughout the entire wastewater treatment system
  • environmentally friendly and affordable way to dredge lagoons
  • eliminates FOG

ESS is a Florida-based general contractor with two divisions, each focused on a related aspect of the Water and Wastewater industry.
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it’s time to explore the possibilities of pain relief with EBS-Di.

Our EBS-Di process is also being demonstrated in Confined Animal Feed Operations (CAFO) to stop odors and solve the manure management problem, by converting solid manures into a liquid. This liquid still contains nutrients, but also has substantial populations of these natural, soil-based microbes to promote plant growth and health. This restores the soil microbiome, while reducing reliance on chemistry.

What really makes it stand out, however, is not just its immediate rehabilitation effect. It has the ability to restore water back to its natural, healthy state by removing the toxins released by dying blue-green algae. This sets up a balanced environment that discourages any subsequent HABs So not only is the process effortlessly consistent, it’s also less costly without the manual labor.

Why EBS-Di works

EBS-Di does something with microbiology that makes it a game-changer. Through a patent-pending process, it actually generates and activates geographic site-customized microbiology before it enters the wastewater system.

Why this is important

The microbes are trained to eat “bad” bacteria, and are ready to go to work dominating the nutrient supply in the waterway or treatment plant system. The tailored microbe consortium starts and remains ideally suited to your effluent. Efficient, they perform with or without oxygen, unlike indigenous microbiology. They are also highly adaptive, translating to reduced retention time requirements which, in turn, lowers the cost per volume treated. Because flows are constantly monitored and dosing is remotely adjusted accordingly, EBS-Di is able to deliver consistent results, unlike traditional bio-dosing methods.

Buy results, not microbiology.

Contact us today to learn how our EBS-Di System can make you a Water Remediation Superhero!

Details of the EBS-Di Water Quality Remediation Program

This system is available through a TAAS (Technology As A Service) subscription model

You pay a monthly fee for your custom-formulated bacteria. The ROI here is substantial.


The EBS-Di is 4’x 3’x 2′, weighs 325 lbs, and requires 220 volts of electricity to operate. You use, but don’t own, the unit. We will install it.

60-Day Trial

We are confident you’ll begin to see desired results within 60 days, given how quickly the bacteria grow to overwhelm the pathogens. After that, with the bacteria properly “trained” to feed on the pathogens you wish to eliminate, the unit can move on to the next pond or sewage treatment plant, to train a new batch.

Pay On Performance

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. We can make this satisfaction guarantee because, with the EBS-Di constantly adjusting to your water or wastewater’s content, eventually the unit will win.

Want to know more about all the features and benefits of EnBiorganic’s services in more detail? Curious about how their services and equipment would dramatically lower your sludge removal costs or your odor problems, improve effluent quality, or return healthy, balanced Nature to a poisoned pond or waterway? We will model it for you, and offer a 60-day trial demonstration at your request

Many technological forces are driving the world’s digital transformation, and our industry is catching up. EBS-Di is your invitation to an automated natural environment, right inside your treatment plant, or on your grounds.